Wheelchair repair and maintenance

Issuing time:2018-08-27 14:50

Wheelchair for disabled people, is their means of transport, in a wheelchair to buy a home, should regularly carry out maintenance and check on him, so that we can make use of more security, but also improve the service life of the wheelchair.

First of all, several common problems to the wheelchair

Fault 1: Tire piercing
1.Tire inflation

2.Feel strong when you pinch your tires. If you feel soft and pressed in, may leak or tube piercing.

Note: reference is made to the surface of the tyre when the tyre pressure inflatable suggestions

Fault 2: corrosion
The corrosion spot by visual examination of the wheelchair surface is not brown, especially the wheels, wheel, wheel and pinion.Possible causes
1.Wheelchair in damp places

2.Wheelchair without regular maintenance and cleaning

Failure 3: can not go straight
When the wheelchair slides freely, it does not move in a straight line。Possible causes

1.Loose wheels, severe tire wear
2.Wheel deformation
3.Tire piercing or leakage
4.Wheel bearing damage or corrosion

Fault 4: wheel loose
1.Check the wheel bolts and nuts are tightened properly
2.When the wheel rotates, whether to walk along a straight line, or to swing around

Fault 5: wheel deformation
Repair will be more difficult, there is a need for wheelchair maintenance services.

Failure 6: parts loose
Check whether the normal operation of the following components and tighten.

1.Cross bracket 2.Seat / back cushion 3.Side baffle or arm 4.pedal

Fault 7: brake improper adjustment
1.With the brake anchor chair

2.Push the wheelchair on the ground

3.Pay attention to whether the rear wheels move.
The normal operation of the brake, the rear wheel is not rotating.

Wheelchair maintenance method:
(1)Wheelchair use and a month before, should check whether the bolts are loose, if loose, to tighten in time. Normal use every three months for a check to ensure that all parts are good, check all kinds of fastening nuts on the wheelchair (especially the rear axle of the fixed nut) if found loose, need to adjust, tighten.

(2)The wheelchair in the use of the process in case of rain shower should be promptly dry, normal use wheelchairs often should use soft dry cloth, and coated with rust wax or oil, the wheelchair keep bright and beautiful.

(3)Always check the flexibility of the movement, the rotating mechanism, and apply the lubricant. If, for some reason, the 24 inch wheel shaft is removed, the nut should be tightened to prevent loosening.

(4)Connecting bolt for wheelchair saddle frame loose coupling, no screw.

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